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What is my home worth?

Is Zillow's Home Value accurate?
For the simply curious, using an online home value estimator is the quickest and easiest way to go to get a home value estimate — and Zillow's Zestimate is probably one you're familiar with.
Keep in mind that online estimators rely on public records, recently sold comps, and user-generated insights to estimate home values. Unfortunately, that data isn't always accurate, and in some areas, it's not even available to the estimators.

Comparative Market Analysis.

"Although it may be uncomfortable if you're not currently planning to sell, the best way to get a solid valuation for your home is through an experienced agent who's up to date on today's marketplace. When you work with an agent, it shouldn't be a one-and-done situation. You should have a relationship with your Realtor® the way that you have a relationship with your physician or your attorney."

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